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Improving pet behaviour, improving quality of life

I specialise in treating canine and feline behaviour problems. My animal patients can ONLY be treated on vet referral, in case the presenting behaviour is due to or influenced by a physical malady or complaint. Upon booking, I will send you a referral form for your vet to complete.

I cover Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. The Gold behaviour package includes a consultation in your home, a treatment pack (worth £50), a detailed written report, an online follow up consultation and unlimited email support for six months. Alternatively, the Platinum package includes an additional home visit and 12 months of support. Most pet insurance policies cover pet behaviour treatment.

In terms of payment, you can pay by BACS transfer or securely online anytime before your consultation. A £150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. There is also the option of paying in six interest-free monthly instalments with a payment plan online. 


Home visits usually last two hours and the online follow-up consultation lasts an hour. This takes place approximately a month after the initial visit. There is a mileage surcharge of 50p per mile each way from base (CO10). For clients using payment plans, mileage will be invoiced separately. Bookings can be made online or you can contact me directly.

While you are waiting for your appointment, your pet may benefit from calming supplement Ashwapet. For further information or to buy, visit


What are the most common behaviour problems?
I see both canine and feline behaviour patients on veterinary referral and have worked extensively with aggression,   
anxiety, attention-seeking, compulsive disorders, messy problems and general control issues.

How can behavioural therapy help my pet?
As a clinical animal behaviourist, I can offer the time, expertise and experience needed to investigate why a problem has occurred. Support plans are then tailored to suit each pet, owner and situation, using only kind training methods. Together we can make a real difference to your pet's behaviour - improving the quality of life for your pet as well as you and your family. Changing behaviour involves changing emotions, so the process is usually lengthy and requires significant commitment from owners.
What happens during the consultation?
The behaviour packages I offer include one to one two hour consultations in your own home, where your pet is assessed, a full history is taken, diagnosis made and a treatment plan devised to help you modify your pet's behaviour. If possible, all family members should be present.

What happens after the consultation?
A behaviour report is sent to you and your referring vet and after care is provided for 6 months (Gold Package) or 12 months (Platinum Package). A weekly diary of your pet's behaviour can be submitted after treatment so that I can provide regular guidance and give feedback while you are implementing the treatment plan. This helps to facilitate progress. Also included is a one hour online follow-up consultation, approximately four weeks after the initial visit. This is not a case of seeing a pet then moving on to the next one. I ensure my patients and their owners get a caring and thorough service.

Can I claim on my pet insurance?
In most cases, yes. APBC members (like myself) are recognised by leading pet insurance providers, so clients with suitable cover are able to claim for behavioural treatment (on veterinary referral).


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